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Pics of Andy

BORN: July 4, 1971

MARRIED: to Natasha Hebert in 1999

*Andy left the band shortly after Maybe You Should Drive was released to pursue his academic career.
*Andy studies music at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
*Andy got his start in music at a very young age while singing with his brother at family gatherings, church and school.
*Andy released a solo CD named Andiwork in 1996.

Brothers Creeggan:
Andy and his brother Jim have released 3 albums apart from the Barenaked Ladies:
-Brothers Creeggan (1995)
-Brothers Creeggan II (1997)
-Trunks (2000)
(see Leader Post article)

website for Brothers Creeggan:

Hello City - congas, paino, vocals & wat'ups
Enid - cuica, piano & vocals
Grade 9 - organ, piano & vocals
Brian Wilson - congas & vocals
Be My Yoko Ono - congas, tambourine & vocals
Wrap Your Arms Around Me - cabasa, finger cymbals, mark tree, shaker, triangle & vocals
What A Good Boy - organ & piano
The King Of Bedside Manor - congas, shaker, tambourine & vocals
Box Set - claves, congas, guiro, piano, vibraphone & vocals
I Love You - piano, scat & vocals
New Kid On The Block - congas, shakers & vocals
Blame It On Me - congas, marimba, mbira, piano, shakers & vocals
The Flag - suitcase & vocals
If I Had $1000000 - piano & vocals
Crazy - piano, secret noises & vocals

Jane - hammered dulcimer & vocals
Intermittently - piano, vocals, cymbals & timpani
These Apples - piano & percussion
You Will Be Waiting - piano & background vocals
A - piano, electric piano, keyboard, vocals & percussion
Everything Old Is New Again - piano, accordion, cymbals & reed organ
Alternative Girlfriend - electric piano, organ, tambourine & vocals
Am I The Only One? - percussion, piano & vocals
Little Tiny Song - lead vocal, piano & cuica
Life, In A Nutshell - piano & vocals
The Wrong Man Was Convicted - piano & vocals
Great Provider - electric piano, keyboard & vocals