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Pics of Kevin

BORN: July 3, 1969

*In March 1998, Kevin was diagnosed with Leukemia. After a bone marrow transplant, extensive chemotherapy and plenty of rest, Kevin rejoined the band around Christmas 1999 at the very end of the Stunt tour.
*Kevin has performed with the Rheostatics, Corky and The Juice Pigs, and the Creeggan Brothers.
*Kevin recently released a solo album titled "Mothball Mint".


One Week - electric guitar & keyboards
It's All Been Done - keyboards & vocals
Light Up My Room - electric piano, keyboards & vocals
I'll Be That Girl - accordian, banjo, keyboards & vocals
Leave - lead electric guitar, wah-wah guitar & keyboards
Alcohol - piano & synthesizer
Call And Answer - piano & synthesizer
In The Car - lead electric guitar, organ, melodica & vocals
Never Is Enough - keyboards & vocals
Who Needs Sleep? - clavinet & vocals
Told You So - electric guitar & synthesizer
Some Fantastic - piano, keyboards & vocals
When You Dream - keyboards & samples

Too Little Too Late - organ, clavinet, sampler, handclaps & vocals
Never Do Anything - organs, sampler, piano, clavinet & accordian
Pinch Me - electric piano & organs
Go Home - electric piano
Falling For The First Time - piano, synth & vocals
Conventioneers - synth, piano & vocals
Sell Sell Sell - keyboards, glockenspiel, sampler, baritone, guitar & vocals
The Humour Of The Situation - organ, piano & vocoder
Baby Seat - pianos, sampler, organ & vocals
Off The Hook - piano & synth
Helicopters - electric guitar, keyboards & melodica
Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel - sampler, synth & vocals