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Pics of Steve

BORN: June 22, 1970

MARRIED: to Carolyn Ricketts on December 28, 1993

*Steve's old neighborhood while growing up was near "the Danforth" in Scarborough, which is mentioned in "Old Apartment".
*Steve is Jewish.

Hello City - lead vocal & wat'ups
Enid - lead vocal & moronic intro synth
Grade 9 - vocals
Brian Wilson - guitar & lead vocal
Be My Yoko Ono - lead vocal
Wrap Your Arms Around Me - vocals
What A Good Boy - guitars & lead vocal
The King Of Bedside Manor - guitar, shaker, cartoon voices & vocals
Box Set - lead vocal
I Love You - vocals
New Kid On The Block - lead vocal
Blame It On Me - vocals
The Flag - lead vocal
If I Had $1000000 - vocals
Crazy - secret noises & vocals

Jane - lead vocal, acoustic guitar & vocals
Intermittently - lead vocal & electric guitar
These Apples - lead electric guitar
You Will Be Waiting - lead vocal
A - lead vocal
Everything Old Is New Again - lead vocal
Alternative Girlfriend - lead vocal
Am I The Only One? - nothing
Little Tiny Song - nothing
Life, In A Nutshell - lead vocal
The Wrong Man Was Convicted - lead vocal
Great Provider - harmony vocal

Stomach vs. Heart - lead vocal
Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank - lead vocal
I Know - bridge vocal
This Is Where It Ends - lead vocal
When I Fall - ?
I Live With It Every Day - lead vocal & piano preparation
The Old Apartment - lead vocal & electric guitar
Call Me Calmly - lead vocal
Break Your Heart - lead vocal
Spider In My Room - ?
Same Thing - ?
Just A Toy - lead vocal & toys
In The Drink - ?
Shoe Box - lead vocal & electric guitar

One Week - vocals
It's All Been Done - lead vocal & guitar
Light Up My Room - guitar & vocals
I'll Be That Girl - lead vocal & guitar
Leave - vocals
Alcohol - lead vocal & guitar
Call And Answer - all vocals
In The Car - lead vocal
Never Is Enough - vocals & phat drums guy
Who Needs Sleep? - flute & vocals
Told You So - vocals & piano
Some Fantastic - co-lead vocal
When You Dream - lead vocal & guitar

Too Little Too Late - lead and backing vocals
Never Do Anything - lead vocal
Pinch Me - vocals
Go Home - lead vocal
Falling For The First Time - vocals
Conventioneers - lead and backing vocals
Sell Sell Sell - lead vocal
The Humour Of The Situation - lead vocal
Baby Seat - lead vocal
Off The Hook - lead vocal
Helicopters - lead vocal , acoustic guitar & recorder
Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel - lead vocal & flute