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Pics of Tyler

BORN: September 21, 1967

MARRIED: to Jill on September 19, 1998

*Tyler is the oldest member of the group.
*Christmas 1975, Tyler recieved his first single snare drum from his mother.
*Tyler first met BNL at Buskers festival 1990 in Waterloo, Ontario. Tyler heard them while waiting to go on stage and he immediately knew he had to join the band.
*Tyler made a retro 70's compilation CD called "Don't Talk, Dance" while on break with BNL in the mid 1990's. Gordi Johnson of Big Sugar and Chris Brown of Bourbon Tabernacle choir helped to create the album and profits went to Casey House, an AIDS charity in Canada.

Hello City - drums & wat'ups
Enid - drums
Grade 9 - drums & vocals
Brian Wilson - drums
Be My Yoko Ono - drums
Wrap Your Arms Around Me - drums
What A Good Boy - drums
The King Of Bedside Manor - drums, shaker & vocals
Box Set - drums
I Love You - drums
New Kid On The Block - drums
Blame It On Me - drums
The Flag - bass drum & snare drum
If I Had $1000000 - drums
Crazy - drums

Jane - drums
Intermittently - drums & snare drum
These Apples - drums
You Will Be Waiting - drums
A - drums, cowbell & laffs
Everything Old Is New Again - drums & snare drum
Alternative Girlfriend - drums
Am I The Only One? - cymbals
Little Tiny Song - nothing
Life, In A Nutshell - drums
The Wrong Man Was Convicted - drums & snare drum
Great Provider - drums

Stomach vs. Heart - drums & vocals
Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank - piano (& vocals?)
I Know - vibes & percussion
This Is Where It Ends - drums & vocals
When I Fall - drums & vocals
I Live With It Every Day - drums & vocals
The Old Apartment - phat drumz guy & shaker
Call Me Calmly - drums & vocals
Break Your Heart - drums & vocals
Spider In My Room - Fisher-Price xylophone
Same Thing - drums & vocals
Just A Toy - drums & vocals
In The Drink - drums & vocals
Shoe Box - drums, tambourine & vocals

One Week - drums & Dans La Maison
It's All Been Done - drums, percussion & vocals
Light Up My Room - drums
I'll Be That Girl - drums
Leave - drums & percussion
Alcohol - drums, percussion & bongos
Call And Answer - drums & percussion
In The Car - drums & bongos
Never Is Enough - drums & vocals
Who Needs Sleep? - drums, percussion & vocals
Told You So - drums
Some Fantastic - snare drums & percussion
When You Dream - percussion

Too Little Too Late - drums, tambourine & handclaps
Never Do Anything - drums
Pinch Me - drums
Go Home - drums, tambourine & vocals
Falling For The First Time - drums & vocals
Conventioneers - drums, wah-wah shaker, cowbells & tambourine
Sell Sell Sell - drums, tympani, castinets & tambourine
The Humour Of The Situation - drums & tambourine
Baby Seat - drums & tambourine
Off The Hook - 808 drums & drumkit
Helicopters - drums, tambourine, shaker & bells
Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel - snare drum, cymbal & tympani